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Line heating process and Nieland cold forming

Depending on the type of panels processed, using the Nieland Cold Forming Ship Building Press will not only give you a return on investment in less than three years, but savings in labour, in required floor space and training time.

The return on investment is a key factor for any business. The team at Nieland are experienced in supporting customers and helping them choose the right solution for their business needs.

In comparing current line heating processes with the Nieland cold forming process we have compiled the following data from our existing clients who have switched from line heating to our cold forming processes.

Line heating:
  • Training for line heater operators lasts between 5-10 years
  • Production time of an average panel easily takes twenty-five person-hours
  • Line heating also involves the need for a basic press brake, which requires additional investment
  • Costs for oxygen, propane or natural gas have to be calculated
  • The operation takes an exceptionally large area for processing, due to the long production time
  • The internal lead times are longer
  • Cutting the panels to size & bevelling is needed to prepare the panel for block building
Cold forming:
  • Training will take an initial 3 months only, followed by two years of practice
  • Production time of an average panel is 3-4 hours
  • Requires investment in a fully equipped Shipbuilding press
  • Minor costs for electricity only
  • The operational area takes a mere 400 square meters
  • The internal lead times and the amount of work in progress is minimal in comparison
  • No bevelling needed. The first cut is the final cut

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