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the forming of double curved hull panels is a challenge for many shipyards

In the shipbuilding industry, the forming of double curved hull panels has led to much discussion, as to the benefits of cold forming and line heating.

For decades, Europe has used Cold Forming, while the majority of Asian and some American countries, have favoured line heating.

With shipbuilding concentrated in Asia, there has been a global transfer of Cold Forming Technology from Europe to Asia and the Americas.

The key issues are the differences in these two technologies, and the impact that each has on a shipyard’s overall performance.

The technologies summarized:

Training time less than 1 year
8x faster First cut is final cut
Profound in 1.5 year
No negative material impact

The cons of Line heating

Training Time 5-10 years

Labour Intensive

Requires an elevated level of experience

Variation in quality

The pros of Cold forming

Training time < 1 year

8x Faster 1st cut final cut

Profound in 1.5 yr

No negative material impacts

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The production of double curved panels is a major challenge for many shipyards. Our cold forming solutions allow you to produce these panels, faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.
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