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PWP portal presses

Whereas the Nieland SBP presses are developed for deployment of both bending and rolling, the PWP type presses have a clear focus on rolling and stretching. If you have an existing press brake available you can use this in combination with the PWP.

Nieland’s PWP Rolling presses simply focus on rolling/stretching the panels, as any bending or forming process is performed by the existing press brake.

The PWP press can also be combined with a SBP press. Benefits of this combination are the increased efficiency as the number of tool changes is reduced, and of course a lower investment.

The PWP rolling press is engineered to perform the most unique part of the cold forming process: the rolling and stretching. It is this feature that allows you to form complex panels like bulbous, saddle shaped, double curved and twisted hull panels.


  • PWP 100 – rolling capacity up to 20 mm plates
  • PWP 150 – rolling capacity up to 35 mm plates

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