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Servicing for shipbuilding

Nieland have been servicing our shipbuilding presses around the world for decades. We are proud of the fact that we still offer support, and supply parts for machines for over 25 years.

The SBP(V), SBK and PWP type presses need minimal daily attention. We do recommend a one-day annual service, performed by a qualified engineer, to maintain the smooth running of the equipment. Should corrective maintenance be required, Nieland experts will use a remote connection to diagnose the fault and provide your team with the necessary guidance to resolve the issue. Extensive service manuals, including OEM part numbers are also supplied.

Do you need technical support?

Contact our service team directly by email; service@nieland.com They will make a root cause analysis and provide a solution.

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The production of double curved panels is a major challenge for many shipyards. Our cold forming solutions allow you to produce these panels, faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.
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Over the years, Nieland has become the worldwide market leader in cold forming. We distinguish ourselves with turnkey solutions that include a press with full compliance, the transfer of knowledge and all other support needed to secure smooth implementation. All our products are designed and built in The Netherlands.
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