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Local presence is important for Nieland to support the implementation of new equipment and innovative technology. We are proud to have a network of experienced local partners around the world to assist and support our global customers.

Kranendonk Japan

Region Japan

Like Nieland, Kranendonk is a Dutch company founded in 1983. We are the robot technology center for non-repetitive production in heavy industries. Kranendonk Japan is one of subsidiaries taking care of sales and services in Japan and Korea. It was a natural fit to become the local agent for Nieland since we both operate in the shipbuilding industry and as we have a local technical support team.

Due to the declining population of Japan, the labor shortage of entire society has become a problem. As a result, many skilled workers in the shipbuilding industry have retired, affecting the line heating process that requires labor. Now it is the time to shift to the cold forming technology realized by Nieland, that is reducing process time and manhours, maintaining material properties, and giving you a shortcut to achieve full-automated 3D forming process near future.

We have already achieved a lot of success in Japan and believe that it is a market with a great potential for Nieland.

Shanghai Hishine Machinery CO.,LTD

Region China

Hishine is proud to have been serving the marine industry for more than 22 years. Starting from supplying spare parts to ship chandlers worldwide, Hishine grew steadily. The supply of equipement to shipyard and ship owners was logical next step.

Today we support our customers with world class products, including ship equipment like: deck machinery, electrical systems, propulsion systems, interior packages, etc. We support shipyards with equipment for: cold forming and bending, advance cutting systems, panel prefabricating systems, etc.

Our team has many years of experience in ship production and shipping class surveying. We are used to work globally and have a multi-language commercial team. All are focused on providing our customers with high value service.

Our satisfied customers are from US, Japan, Norway, Holland, Middle east, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, etc. In the new era of clean energy and automation, Hishine’s R&D team works on solutions for green propulsion and environmental protection.


Region Poland

Polwelt is family-owned company since 30 years, consulting and delivering modern instruments for the steel construction industry, aviation industry, automotive industry, shipyards and mechanical engineering.

Our offer includes metal forming machines like plate roll and angle roll machines, bending machines for pipes and profiles, devices for straightening and annealing details after cutting and also devices for cold forming and various profile bending used in shipyard industry, in this area we cooperate with Nieland company that is leading producer devices of this type and has great experience which allows for optimalization of production processes.

Together with Nieland we offer not only the instrument but also the required training to effectively perform cold forming.

This allows our customers to adopt the technology in a relatively short time. The advanced technology will help to significantly reduce production costs.

Together with our partners we provide warranty and post-warranty service.


Region Chile

PROINGAS is a family company, founded in 1999 by Mr. Pedro Iturriaga, and with a clear goal: introducing new technologies into the Chilean market. Proingas has been able to steadily grow over the years, and now with 23 years of experience, has a consolidated position in the market as an importer and seller of a wide variety of machinery and equipment for metal cutting, shaping and welding processes.

Our mission is to be a partner for our customers in improving their productivity and efficiency. Since 2013, with our new offices located in the Enea Business Park in Santiago, we are able to demonstrate our machines, exhibit them and do training of the machines we offer. Lately we are introducing automation through Cobot and training staff in the use of these technologies.

Nieland and Proingas has been closely working with the Chilean Navy Shipyard -considered the biggest shipyard in the South American pacific coast-, as they are the responsible to fabricate the first Chilean Icebreaker built in South America.


Region Australia

  • Anton Resch
  • General Manager
  • Tel: +61 8 8363 1311
  • Email: info@protube.com.au
  • Website: www.protube.com.au

With over 20 years of experience in the metal processing and niche manufacturing industries, Protube Engineering is a partner you can always rely on when innovation, high performance and cost efficiency are critical factors to your business.

We advise on, and supply and install the world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing machines and accessories, along with a full range of consumables and war items to ensure smooth end efficient operation.

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The production of double curved panels is a major challenge for many shipyards. Our cold forming solutions allow you to produce these panels, faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.
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