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Nieland since 1954

Nieland was founded in 1954 in the north of the Netherlands by Mr. Nieland. He was an educated engineer, who began his business by finding ingenious solutions for the typical shipbuilding problems of the day, by inventing and manufacturing portal presses and frame benders for local shipbuilders.

That inventiveness has been adopted by our team of engineers, project managers, service engineers and trainers, all of whom will strive to find solutions to any problems they are faced with.

Nieland are still located in the north of The Netherlands and are now proud to be part of the SMI-Groep. We continue to focus on finding solutions for the production of complex hull panels.

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Nieland began exporting presses decades ago, and now export to some twenty-three countries, making us the worldwide market leader in shipbuilding presses and frame benders.

Our local network of specialist suppliers provides all the components for the hydraulics and electronics, all mechanical parts are produced within the SMI Groep, and the whole press is built within the Netherlands, all making a Nieland press a 100% European product.

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The production of double curved panels is a major challenge for many shipyards. Our cold forming solutions allow you to produce these panels, faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.
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