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Global market leader in shipbuilding presses and frame benders

As the global market leader in shipbuilding presses and frame benders, we understand that many shipyards around the world struggle with the production of complex hull panels. Existing production techniques are labour intensive, require many years of experience and the qualified workforce is aging rapidly. Nieland offers a wide range of solutions that allow you to move from Line Heating to Cold Forming, making your production faster and more effective, without having impact on material.

As qualified staff is getting harder to find for many shipyards around the world, instrument dependency on operators becomes more and more critical. For this reason Nieland is investing in developing a shipbuilding press that will assist the operator in making the right panels efficiently. This assistance will help guide the operators in which actions to take by bending and stretching panels towards their required end shape. This will make operating a Nieland shipbuilding press easier.

This press is being developed with support of European Grants.

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Over the years, Nieland has become the worldwide market leader in cold forming. We distinguish ourselves with turnkey solutions that include a press with full compliance, the transfer of knowledge and all other support needed to secure smooth implementation. All our products are designed and built in The Netherlands.
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