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Bending machines

Every vessel is built around a framework. These frames will need bending in various radiuses. The most common frame types, and most reputed, are the Holland Profiles (HP profiles), the flat bulbs which range from HP 50 – HP430. The SBK range was originally engineered for these specific frames. However, Nieland have developed the machines further for bending T-bars, L-profiles, and I-profiles.

The symmetrical angle bars can cause a specific issue as angle bars have a neutral line which lies precisely between the two flanges (In fact: in the ‘air’), causing a lot of twists when bending parallel with one of the two flanges, not being the neutral line. This problem does not occur using Flat bulbs, T-bars, or I-profiles because these profiles have a neutral line that is almost parallel to the bending direction.

To answer this issue, Nieland developed a unique feature for the specific angle bars: the pre-tensioning shoes. By pre-tensioning the angle bar in the vertical direction during bending in the horizontal direction, the profile will remain “flat” after the release of the bending cylinder and will only be bent in one direction.

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Typical virtues of the Nieland SBK Frame benders:

  • No foundation is needed
  • Can perform straightening, because of the lifting cylinders
  • The minimum radius of the frames can be as small as 5 x web height when web on the outside or 10 x web height with web on the inside curve
  • Very short “dead end” on the frame because the bending shoes can come very close to the center

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