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The right DNA for high
productivity in shipbuilding

Nieland presses and frame bending machines have their origins in the strong shipbuilding tradition in Western Europe. From as early as 1954, Nieland has been developing and building a unique range of cold forming presses under its own brand name. You could say that the highly productive technique of cold forming is in our DNA.



Cold forming processes for productivity increase

Over 65 years of international sales and exposure to the metal and shipbuilding industry have raised our specialism to a high level. The productivity increase and quality enhancement we have achieved for our clients through our cold forming technology have made Nieland a household name in the international shipbuilding industry. Nieland equipment is based on a hydraulic press which is suitable for both bending and rolling of the 3-dimensional shaped panels required. This combination of two functions in one makes the Nieland cold forming process 3-5 times more productive than traditional line-heating.